Edison Township Assault Lawyers

One of the biggest segments of criminal charges filed in Edison NJ fall under the category of assault and theft related offenses. As long time players in the defense bar, our criminal attorneys have handled countless assault charges and cases involving some form of threat or violence. Many of our lawyers have also worked the other side of assault violations as prosecutors prior to dedicating their work to defending those accused of these offenses. We know how to negotiate a favorable plea or, if need be, to skillfully represent you at trial. To speak to an attorney about a charge of this nature pending in Edison Municipal Court or at the Middlesex County Superior Court, call 732-248-7675 any time of day or night. The consultation is complimentary.

Assault Lawyer Edison NJ

Charged With An Assault or Threat Related Offense in Edison NJ

Next to drug offenses, assault related charges are probably represent the biggest block of criminal cases arising out of the Edison Police Department. Most of these violations carry significant penalties that include mandatory minimum periods of incarceration. What this means is that you almost certainly will be incarcerated and have to serve a period in jail/prison before you can even be considered for release. Our attorneys are here to insure that negative outcomes like these are not something that you have swallow. We defend Edison criminal charges involving:

With over 100 years in practice combined, we are a formidable defense firm that is equipped to battle any of these charges on your behalf. We are prepared to put our knowledge and resources to work for you to obtain a positive result.

Assault Attorney in Edison Township

Whether you were accused of domestic violence and are facing a restraining order, were involved in a fist fight where someone was seriously injured, or used poor judgment and are now facing an offense involving some element of threat, you need sound legal advice. You are confronted with a serious issue that requires the assistance of a professional. Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, there are attorneys with the skills you absolutely need to avoid jail and the other negative consequences that will result from a conviction. A lawyer on our staff will review the facts of your case and determine that best route for defending your charge.