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Edison is aggressive in apprehending and convicting drunk drivers including first offenders. In just the past year alone (2014), Edison charged over 107 people with DWI, an increase of 16% from the previous year.. We presume that you are among these statistics if you are doing research for a first offense DWI attorney in Edison Township. Do you investigation wisely because things are not always as they seem on the internet. In terms of our firm, we employ lawyers who truly have extent experience in all phases of driving while intoxicated defense. The head of our driving while intoxicated group has over 30 years experience and practices exclusively in the area of DWI/DUI defense. Other members of our firm have over 20 years of experience as well, including considerable time serving as prosecutors.

DWI Lawyer Edison

Now our role is solely in the context of representing those accused of first offense, second offense and third offenses under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50. If you are facing a first offense for DWI or DUI in Edison Municipal Court, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. A lawyer on our staff will be more than happy to provide the benefit of their decades of insight in drinking while intoxicated defense.

Charged With a First DWI Offense in Piscataway Township

Unlike repeat offender cases, the New Jersey DWI Law establishes different penalties that apply depending on whether the blood alcohol content (“BAC”) of the accused was above .10%. Cases that are resolved with a BAC reading placed into evidence of at least .08% but less than .10% result in “First Tier” penalties. The same is the case for DWI cases that are resolved with no BAC placed into evidence, that is, convictions based on field sobriety tests alone. When the admitted BAC level is .10% or above, the court is obligated to apply “Second Tier” penalties.

  • First Tier Cases. The court must impose of fine of $200-$400, an IDRC fee of $230, a DWI surcharge of $100, $33 in court costs, and a $100 Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Fund assessment. The court must also impose at least 12 hours in the IDRC. The mandatory driver’s license suspension is 3 months. Although jail is rare, the court has authority to impose up to 30 days.
  • Second Tier Cases. The fines and monetary assessments are essential the same as those for a First Tier, as is the IDRC obligation and jail. The difference lie in the period of suspension, which is enhanced to 7-12 months, and the possibility of installation of an ignition interlock. In this regard, installation of this device is mandatory during the period of suspension plus 6-12 following restoration for cases where the admitted BAC is .15% or higher.

In addition to all of the penalties, there are ancillary consequences that flow from a first offense conviction. Your ability to secure affordable car insurance will certainly be placed into jeopardy and this issue will exist on top of the fact that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will impose an annual surcharge of $1,000 for a period of three (3) years as a condition to restoration and maintaining your license.

Piscataway First Offense DUI Attorneys

Whether the loss of your license is for 3 months or one year, you will surely feel the affects of a first offense in the event you lose your case. It is certainly in your interest to contact an attorney if you want any hope of averting this and other penalties for your Piscataway DUI offense. The lawyers at our firm stand prepared to come to your assistance and to put all of their efforts into obtaining an acquittal. A lawyer is available immediately to discuss your options at 732-248-7675.